3 Ways Philanthropy Can Add to Your Company Culture

But, when employees are encouraged to participate in ongoing volunteer programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, they witness&nbsp;firsthand&nbsp;how donating their time can actually change the course of other people&#39;s lives. Showing up and working with people who are less fortunate not only creates a sense of accountability, but it also offers real-time gratification that motivates individuals to continue participating and finding ways to give back.<\/p>

3. Charitable initiatives lead to job fulfillment.<\/b><\/h2>

Regardless of industry or job title, most individuals want to feel as though they are contributing to something bigger than themselves&nbsp;and making a positive and lasting impact on the world around them. People want to take pride in their work, even if their current job is not necessarily their dream career. Working for organizations that encourage individuals to focus on more than just meeting sales goals or garnering client wins sparks a greater sense of fulfillment.<\/p>

Gen Z employees are especially focused on finding ways to make an impact, and working for companies that highlight volunteer work as core cultural component helps young professionals feel more satisfied and, subsequently, more productive, in their roles.<\/p>

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Azazie, an ecommerce company specializing in bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns, has built a company culture steeped in giving back. From donating dresses to organizations, including The Princess Project and Brides For a Cause, to holding essay contests for student scholarships<\/a>, Azazie sees its employees thrive when given the chance to work together to help others who are less fortunate.<\/p>

We live in an era where every facet of businesses is on full display for the public. This transparency has encouraged organizations across all verticals to build more robust social responsibility programs. It&#39;s rare to browse a company website and not see coverage of their philanthropic contributions. But, the companies that take their philanthropic efforts to the next level –&nbsp;and give for the sake of giving, rather than to attract positive press –&nbsp;show employees that they actually care about their general happiness and development.<\/p>

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